Greg’s Story

Greg Sweeney

Hebrews 12:1-3 challenges us to run the race set before us using Christ as our example and setting our eyes continually on Him.  On March 4th, 2019, our dear friend and brother Greg Sweeney and his family started out on a very unexpected race, far different from what they planned, but never a surprise to our all knowing and merciful God.  Greg suffered from a major stroke and in those initial days as family and friends gathered in his hospital room (often spilling over to the hallways and waiting room) we did not know if Greg would be with us to run this new race or not….but for God!!!  In God’s grace and mercy He allowed Greg to stay with us in our journey this side of heaven and so we celebrate this new race, this new journey Greg, Pam, and their sons Evan,and Aaron are now on as they continue to do what Greg has shown so many of us….fixing their eyes on Jesus.

Currently Greg is all Greg….talking with friends, sharing countless sports stats, especially about his beloved cowboys,  telling us how beautiful and strong his wife is, loving time with his boys, and always asking others what he can pray about for them.  While Greg has many weeks of therapy ahead of him to get his left side moving again, improve his vision, and strengthen his body as a whole, he is up for the challenge knowing that all of this can and will be used for God’s glory!!

Greg and his family have done so much for so many of us and we are excited to have the opportunity to give back to them and have some fun doing something Greg has enjoyed with many of his friends and family…playing golf and sharing a meal.  Greg and Pam are eager to begin intensive rehab but we know this journey will incur many expenses.

So, grab your friends, make a team and join us on Thursday, September 9th, 1 pm at the Highlands to celebrate a man that has encouraged us all with the way he lives his life every day.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please call Mike Tatum at 804-986-7197.

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